Community Service

San Diego NACE Community Service

The NACE charter provides for us the inspiration to give back to our community. Each year, we create several events and opportunities for our members to participate in fundraising for worthy causes, and our chapter.

November 2010
A group of us volunteered again to the San Diego Food Bank on Thursday, October 28. Thank you so much to Angie Kemp, Julie Scrivener, Rachel Wilkerson Nancy & Isabella Baron and Jason & Bethel Nathan and Adrienne Almario for helping me out and lending your muscles to box the food. Bethel and I were in charge of sealing the packed boxes, Nancy & Isabella worked hard assembling the boxes, Adrienne and Angie and Jason broke down boxes that were no longer needed, Rachel packed the boxes with food and Julie lifted boxes off the conveyer belt. All hard work for a two hour period but we worked with a larger group called Volunteer San Diego that numbered about 35. Great team work and a good work out - all to help our community.

June 2010,
June is wonderful month for giving our time and energy to the San Diego Food Bank ( ). They distribute around 10 million pounds of food each year to those in need. They have a huge warehouse of food that needs to be sorted, packed and boxed. The Food Bank depends on volunteers to help keep it running so NACE helped out and donated a few hours.  
Board members and Isabella Baron volunteered on Wednesday June 9th, packing food into boxes on a conveyer belt. We packed 780 boxes to go to seniors at 30 lbs each, so 23,400 lbs of food were packed. We all enjoyed working together and meeting new people plus the joy of helping out the Food Bank and our community.  Our June dinner raffle was partially donated to the Food Bank.

May 2010,
Proceeds from our May dinner meeting were donated to the San DIego Leukemia Society.

April 2010,

We successfully completed our spring community service project with the Second Chance program that provides people in need with training for job interviews and helps them attain employment, temporary housing and career clothing. I would like to thank everyone who graciously went through their closets and donated career clothing for those who need a helping hand to start over in life. We collected a large amount of clothing at our April meeting at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. If anyone forgot to pick up their receipt for their donation, let me know and I can mail one to you.

I am excited about our next community service project with the San Diego Food Bank. ( ) They distribute around 10 million pounds of food each year to those in need. They have a huge warehouse of food that needs to be sorted, packed and boxed. It is a lot of fun to work as a team, you leave feeling good in your heart that you were able to donate a few hours to help your community for the Food Bank depends on volunteers to help keep it running. I will be posting some dates soon for you to choose a time to help out at the Food Bank.  

Community Service is a great way to volunteer for the chapter. Take a look at some of the great things we've done over the years. Call or email me if you'd like to join my team.

Here's what our Community Service committee has done recently:

December 2009: Our holiday party gifts were donated to:Toys for Tots.

November 2009:
Your generous contributions will be donated to: Challenged Athletes Foundation   Funding provided by CAF helps make it possible for more physically challenged people to gain access to equipment and to the enhanced self-esteem that comes from participation in sports. To ensure these needs are met in perpetuity, CAF has worked hard over its first decade to build and grow an endowment fund that will continue to assist physically challenged athletes indefinitely.?
October 2009,  generous contributions at our Gala's silent auction were donated to: “Legacy 4 Life” a charitable initiative created to unite the strength and good will of the local Wedding & Special Event industry to work in helping the needs of our local community and abroad.

May 2009,  We all need a place where we belong, where our talents and skills are nurtured and encouraged, where we can make friends, share our skills, and find that our lives have meaning and purpose. For more than 260 developmentally disabled adults, that place is St. Madeleine Sophie's Center. Nace decided to help this great organization by participating at the Morning Glory Brunch on April 18 2009. The food was donated by Specialty Produce and the Executive Chef from the Sheraton Marina, Steve Black, was kind enough to make the best breakfast for 500 hungry San Diegans. Your Nace board members were there to serve an “organic scramble with roasted salsa” and educate people on Nace’s role and mission. The profits from the raffle from our Prado Event were donated to Ste Sophie Madeleine during the event as well; thank you to all of you for your continual support with raffle items which allow Nace to give back to the community.

April 2009,  we collected bunnies for the kids at the Polinksy Childrens Center to cuddle and love. Built on county land and supported with funds raised through the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation, this 24-hour shelter provides a temporary safe haven for children separated from their families for their own protection. Designed to serve more than 200 children at a time, the shelter has six residential cottages, a cafeteria, nursery, library, medical center and gym. The park-like grounds also feature play areas, two pools and a baseball field donated by the San Diego Padres. The average stay is 10 days, but many children end up staying for months until an appropriate foster or group home can be found.  The money we collected from our Iron Florist/Iron Designer event went to  the St. Madeleine Sophie's Center (SMSC) in El Cajon,  which has helped people with developmental disabilities, their families and communities, discover, explore, and nurture potential-giving thousands a chance to live life to the fullest.

March 2009, it was Girl Scout Cookie Time.

December 2008, we contributed toys to the Toys for Tots program.

November 2008, we collected canned and packaged food as a seasonal donation to Mama's Kitchen.

October 2008, we contributed a portion of our silent auction gala proceeds to the Meals on Wheels program.

September 2008, we contributed a portion of our raffle proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of San Marcos, The Palomar Family YMCA, and the Palomar Pomerado Health Foundation.

August 2008, we donated some of our raffle proceeds to our Speaker's favorite charity which is Scholars for Foster Kids, at which is a locally operated and supported non-profit scholarship foundation, whose purpose is to expand post secondary education opportunities for foster youth in San Diego County.

July 2008, we donated 12 newly built bicycles to kids from military families, via San Diego Military Outreach Ministries. These kids enjoyed a day at the SD Zoo, and then walked into our parties to unknowingly receive their new bikes

May 2008, we donated a portion of our raffle proceeds to "The Military Order of the Purple Hearts", chosen by our Speaker, Lynn. Formed in 1932 for the protection and mutual interest of all who have received the decoration".

April 2008, we donated a portion of our raffle proceeds to the SRF: The Survivors Rehabilitation Fund which supports brain injury survivors who have inadequate funding to meet their rehabilitative needs. They can be reached at 827 Brighton Ct. San Diego, CA 92109 or 858-229-2198

March 2008 - "Bunnies for Babes" our annual drive for stuffed bunnies, we collected 30 bunnies this year which will find new homes with the children at the Polinsky Children's Center. Polinsky Children's Center opened in 1994, it is the emergency shelter for children in San Diego County. The facility accommodates abused, abandoned and neglected children in age-appropriate, home like cottages. The San Diego Chapter of NACE hopes the bunnies will provide the children something soft and cuddly to love.

February 2008 - The San Diego Chapter of NACE had the opportunity for 'global community services' by supporting Operation Thin Mint through Girl Scouts of America. The San Diego/Imperial County Council of Girl Scouts developed this program in 2002, since it's creation they have sent 1,087,157 boxes of cookies overseas. They are sent to Military Troops in Iraq, Afganistan, Kuwait, Korea, the Persian Gulf, the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean. This year our Chapter sent 55 boxes of cookies to the Troops, as the Girl Scouts say "NACE - Thank You for Your Support". For more information you can visit -

October 2006 It was a night to remember as we came together to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the San Diego Chapter of NACE. We raised over $4600. for our beneficiaries through our silent auction and raffle. There were some great items donated that offered terrific bargains for the participants.

In 2006,, we've chosen Friends of Scott as the foundation to direct our community service and fundraising for. Friends of Scott is a non-profit organization that was founded in memory of Scott Delgadillo who lost his life to childhood cancer. The Friends of Scott Foundation (FSF) is committed to helping children with cancer and their families. San Diego NACE will help to contribute money and support, to ensure they receive the emotional and financial support needed to cope with this devastating disease. FSF strives to bring Childhood Cancer Awareness to the community

August 2006 San Diego NACE amassed several hundered toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste, which is a part of building a "Back to School Backpack" for a hundred kids. At the October Gala Fundraiser, we'll finish the job, putting together school supplies and much more for a final presentation.